Under Sleeper Pads - Bi-Block
Sleeper pads

Under Sleeper Pads - Bi-Block
  • High mechanical performance
  • Long useful life
  • Dimensios upon requests
  • Increase the track life
Under Sleeper Pads - Bi-Block

Isolgomma SLITRACK bi-block solutions for sleepers are mostly used for conventional lines and for underground railway track systems. The flexible elements are applied to the resting surface for the BiBlock sleepers inside the rubber shoe that encloses the individual sleeper block.


Under Slepper Pads - Bi-Block
SLITRACK under-sleeper pads for bi-block system are installed on the resting surface for the blocks inside the rubber shoe that encloses them. SLITRACK products are tailored to meet project specifcations.


Application fields

- Tramway and Metro: over concrete slab or ballast
- Passengers railways or High-Speed railways: over concrete slab or ballast 
- Rail Freight transport: over ballast.