Rail side profiles

  • Excellent system for electrical insulation of the rail
  • Structural element in the reinforcement system
  • Easy to lay, replace and maintain the platform
  • Vibration-acoustic insulation
  • Increase the track life
  • Protection against stray currents

The PROTRACK SET embedded system is an innovative type of track suitable for tram and metro rail transport systems in which the rubber profle that encloses the rail performs a fundamental role, not just as a vibration damping device, but also as a structural support for the track. Through research, design and experimentation, Isolgomma has patented its PROTRACK SET embedded profles with exclusive geometries that ensure optimum adhesion to reinforced concrete as well as stability and performance over time.

Embedded - Protrack SET
The PROTRACK SET Embedded system envelops the rail, becoming a structural element of the reinforcement system; the embedded rail-profle system is sunk into the reinforced concrete platform, defning the rail gauge and stability of the platform. The embedded method is an alternative to mechanical fastening systems and with its exclusive design, the PROTRACK SET solution ensures excellent adhesion and performance in contact with the concrete.

Application fields
- Tramway and Metro with mechanical fixing
- Tramway and Metro on green track
- Tramway and Metro on embedded system
- Tramway and Metro on connection area such as Switches, Escape