Rail side profiles and pads

  • Flexible joint between flooring and rail
  • Easy to lay, replace and maintain the platform
  • Improved maintenance of the flooring in rail road tracks and track sites
  • Increase the track life

The PROTRACK CLASSIC lateral profle system is a reinforcement solution for tram and metro rail systems in which the rubber profles are installed on the side of the rails so as to create a flexible element of discontinuity between the rail and the exterior.

Protrack Classic - lateral
The PROTRACK CLASSIC system with lateral profles covers the rail from head to foot as well as in the attachment points, allowing it to be used both in rail road tracks and track sites with many types of surface. PROTRACK CLASSIC profles are fundamental joining elements between the rail and adjacent surface.


Protrack Classic - Pad
The PROTRACK PAD under-rail strip is a useful accessory for improving the electrical and vibrational isolation of the slab with a conventional attachment. Isolgomma supplies this rubber element as a compliment to PROTRACK CLASSIC side profles. They should be positioned below the foot of the rail, between the attachment points (see associated drawing).


Application fields
- Tramway and Metro with mechanical fixing
- Tramway and Metro on green track
- Tramway and Metro on embedded system
- Tramway and Metro on connection area such as Switches, Escape