Matrack Line - Under Ballast
Anti-Vibration Mats

Matrack Line - Under Ballast
  • Drainage system with high mitigation performance
  • Puncture resistant fabric pre-coupled
  • Long durability and increase of the ballast life
  • Reduced maintaninace cost
Matrack Line - Under Ballast

Product description

Transport-by-rail vehicles cause noise and vibrations well known to anyone who is affected by the nuisance they create in town areas.
Isolgomma has developed a range of mats named Matrack, that represents a complete and highly efficient solution for all those acoustic pollution and vibration insulating necessities among the transportby-rail field. 
The Matrack line includes a wide range of rubber mats with different physical an mechanical features for the most common applications under "ballast" and under "floating slab". Thanks to their special structure of rubber fibers and granules, to the their wide range of densities and thicknesses availability, these mats are able to satisfy the most different vibration insulating needs. The Matrack mats can be used with high performing environmental insulating levels, both on Tramways, Undergrounds and on Rail Freight transport and/or High-Speed railways.
The Isolgomma MATRACK anti-vibration solution for under-ballast (UBM) applications is a product with consolidated vibration damping properties. The ability to provide solutions with different densities and thicknesses allows us to meet many different project specifications. The products in the MATRACK range can be supplied with different types of puncture resistant fabric which in most cases allow for drainage, facilitating the passage of water through the ballast into the drainage channels below.

UBM - Confined
The Isolgomma MATRACK vibration damping mat for under-ballast applications is supplied in customized panels suitable both for horizontal and lateral layer placement in order to create a floating mass system to contain the ballast.

UBM - Raised sections
The ISOLGOMMA MATRACK vibration damping mat for raised section under-ballast applications is supplied in customized panels available also with double protective un-stretched membrane both against puncture and protecting the underlying compacted/stabilised layer.

Application fields

- Tramways and Underground: under concrete slab or ballast
- Passengers railway or High-Speed railway:under concrete slab or ballast
- Rail freight transport: under ballast.

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