Sylwood Line
Acoustic insulation beneath wooden floor finishes

Sylwood Line
  • Low-thickness acoustic insulation for wooden floor finishes
  • Applicable over old flooring without any demolition required
  • Eco-compatible
Acoustic insulation beneath wooden floor finishes

Product description

The Sylwood range includes innovative, highly performing products designed for acoustic restoration of existing rooms during restructuring interventions, for all types of wooden floor finishes.
Sylwood is a high-density regenerated rubber mat composed of low-thickness cork granules that reduces impact sound transmission in conformity to Italian Prime Ministerial Decree of 05/12/1997.
The product is specifically designed for acoustic restructuring and restoration interventions effected on existing traditional wooden or pre-finished floors.
Sylwood is easy to apply and can be inserted directly beneath the wooden floor finish.

This line contributes to achieve the LEED point rate system into the code area of MR p2, c2, c4, c5 - IEQ p3, c9 - QI c11.

Application fields

-  Restructuring of traditional wooden or pre-finished floors
- Acoustic correction of existing floors in accordance with regulatory provisions
- Applicable on heated floors


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