Syl Line
Acoustic and thermal insulation for floating floors

Syl  Line
  • High density for special applications
  • High acoustic insulation performance with reduced thickness
  • Durability even in the presence of water
Acoustic and thermal insulation for floating floors

Product description

The Syl range includes high-density rubber products for acoustic insulation of floors. The products can be applied directly beneath floating floors such as carpeting, synthetic finishes or floating screeds.
Owing to their extreme elasticity and high density, these products can also be applied under floating screeds in industrial applications, where Syl range acoustic insulation solutions can be used for vibration damping purposes.

This line contributes to achieve the LEED point rate system into the code area of MR p2, c2, c4, c5 - IEQ p3, c9 - QI c11.

Application fields

- Beneath floating screeds
- Vibration damping
- Beneath carpeting and synthetic floor finishes

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