Point Line
Acoustic isolation & vibration control

Point Line
  • High noise and vibration isolation
  • Suitable for traffic loads up to 5000 kg/m2
  • Stability and durability
  • Ideal for supermarkets, warehouses, malls and industrial environments
Acoustic isolation & vibration control

Product description

The product Point is an acoustic isolation and anti-vibration mat for floating floors. The lower surface is made of single dimples that focus the load in single spots, optimizing the dynamic performances of the elastomeric material.
The texture of the panel has been calibrated to give a steady performance and a controlled deflection up to a load of 5000 kg/m². The upper surface is protected by a non-woven backing waterproofing for the direct construction of the floating screed on top. Point is the most versatile product for residential, commercial and industrial constructions.

Application fields

- High thickness screeds for commercial and residential use
- Vibration control for technical equipment
- Vibration control for industrial machines