Rewall 28R Line
Acoustic and thermal insulation for floating floors

Rewall 28R Line
  • High acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Durability
  • Resistant to dampness
Acoustic and thermal insulation for floating floors

Product description

Rewall 28R is a product developed for acoustic and thermal insulation of floors, boasting superior performance when used for constructing light floor slabs.
The product is a pre-coupled panel combining a polyester fibre layer and a semi-rigid rubber layer.
The combination of these two materials allows for obtaining excellent acoustic and thermal results.
The Rewall 28R panel is ideal for impact noise and thermal insulation on wooden floor slabs and fretted metal sheets, or for particularly delicate interventions.
The product is lined with anti-tear fabric guaranteeing mechanical protection when the screed is poured.

Questa linea contribuisce al conseguimento dei crediti LEED® nelle aree EA p1, p2, c1 - MR p2, c2, c4, c5 - IEQ p3, c9 - QI c11.

Application fields

- Acoustic and thermal insulation of floor slabs with floating floor
- Acoustic and thermal insulation of wooden floor slabs
- Application on floors requiring high acoustic performance

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