Roll Line
Acoustic insulation for floating floors

Roll Line
  • High acoustic insulation performance in reduced thickness
  • Quick, easy and precise laying
  • Resistant to dampness
Acoustic insulation for floating floors

Product description


The Roll line, which includes products for acoustic insulation of floors, has been used in the building industry for over thirty years.

This product range is among the most reliable and tested on the market and sums up Isolgomma's long-standing experience in the research and development of increasingly innovative materials and processes.
Thanks to the use of special SBR recycled rubber, the products boast excellent resistance and elasticity, making them ideal for impact noise insulation on any type of floor slab.

The Roll Radiant version is designed for being applied beneath radiant panels for underfloor heating, and is equipped with a grey reflective support.
The resistant yet flexible mat adapts perfectly to the underlying surface and - thanks to the self-adhesive joining edge - allows for joining the edges of the rolls without having to use adhesive tape.

This line contributes to achieve the LEED® credits for the areas MR p2, c2, c4, c5 - IEQ p3, c9 - QI c11.

Application fields

- Floor slabs with floating screed
- Extra-thick screeds
- Heated floors

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