For over thirty years, Isolgomma has been producing vibration damping materials for various industrial sectors.
Vibration waves, generated by motors, machinery, presses, industrial processing or natural events, are dangerous for the surrounding environment and for human health.
Thanks to continuous investments in product research and development, Isolgomma has created a series of innovative solutions and high-performance products.
Isolgomma has created the anti-vibration mats capable of eliminating the hazardous effects of vibrations and noise stemming from machinery operation.
There are several fields of application. Vibrations generated by machinery can now be effectively mitigated through highly performing products, suitable for both low and high loads.
As a result, noise pollution and the risk of operators being exposed to vibrations can both be reduced. In addition, the solution allows for improving and extending the working life and reliability of machinery.
Megamat products are suitable for heavy-duty applications such as presses, power hammers, motors, compression units and air conditioning units. Precision tools and machinery can also be equipped with Megamat products to produce active and passive insulation and damping systems, resulting in effective and permanent solutions.