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Trinitapoli - Barletta line (Trasition zone on Bridge)
  • Project-Daten
  • Ort: Barletta
  • Jahr: 2017
  • Kunde: Ferrotranviaria Spa
  • Konstruktionsbro:
  • Herstellerfirma: CMC Centro meridionale costruzioni
  • Produkttyp: Syl 8/10 AD

The project includes the infrastructures upgrading of the Adriatica railway line, Bologna-Lecce, allowing to speed up the system. The project also includes the reinforcement of the masonry arches of two bridges located in the town of Forantino, on the Trinitapoli-Barletta section, by the construction of a reinforced concrete structure connected to the existing one, for renovation and waterproofng of the arches. To meet the project requirements Isolgomma has provided a double-layer mat supplied in rolls to mitigate vibrations transmitted by the rail.