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Bologna HS – Trasition zone on Bridge
  • Project-Daten
  • Ort: Bologna
  • Jahr: 2016
  • Kunde: RFI
  • Konstruktionsbro:
  • Herstellerfirma: Baraldini Quirino Spa
  • Produkttyp: Matrack 20 AVC 700

The project provides the expansion of the Bologna-Venice high speed track with a new railway bridge. This operation will take off from the surface rails the last high speed trains that are passing now, speeding up the trafc of one of a most important national railway. The connection between the new Bologna underground station and the historic railway line to Venice will underpass the city's belt line and overcome with a long bridge the side-by-side A14 highway and the ring road. Isolgomma provided the Matrack 20 AVC 700 antivibration mat for vibration mitigation in the transition zone area between the steel bridge and the adjacent ballast track.