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Tramway Milano - Via Mac Mahon
  • Project-Daten
  • Ort: Milano
  • Jahr: 2015
  • Kunde: ATM
  • Konstruktionsbro:
  • Herstellerfirma: ATM
  • Produkttyp: Matrack 30 AVC 500

The project involves the reconstruction of the tram 12 tramway in the Via MacMahon tract to ensure the proper functioning of the public transport service and the safety of passengers. During the work the tracks were raised to protect the roots of the trees alongside the route while also allowing the laying of Matrack 30 AVC anti-vibration mats to minimise transmission of noise and vibration in the surrounding ground, and also the installation of silent rails, i.e. completely enveloped by Protrack SET lateral profiles to reduce noise and vibrations produced by contact between wheel and rail, using the embedded superstructure system.